Sustainable Stormwater Systems

Earth Systems provides creative solutions to stormwater quality and quantity problems. Our solutions can improve stormwater quality resulting in reduced impacts on receiving water bodies and reduce loading on stormwater infrastructure. We can develop potable water substitution systems resulting in reduced demand on traditional supply systems.

Services Provided

Stormwater planning and management services provided by Earth Systems include:

  • Stormwater quality assessment including “Fit for Use” evaluation.
  • Design and construction of passive and active water treatment systems.
  • Modelling and design of stormwater systems.
  • Stormwater and Roofwater collection for potable water substitution.
  • Preparation of Stormwater Management Plans and Water Conservation Plans.
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).


  • Alternative water supply assessment for high profile public site in central Melbourne.  Water quality risk assessment, economic assessment and concept design for a roof water harvesting system.
  • Development of an information booklet designed to assist builders, developers and householders conserve water through capture and on-site use of rainwater.
  • Sampling, analysis, evaluation and reporting of site and catchment stormwater quality.
  • Specialist advice on nutrient reduction, peak flow mitigation, determination of water yield and lifecycle cost analysis for systems incorporating stormwater collection and use at various recreational, industrial and residential sites administered by local government.



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