Environmental Credentials

Our company ethos has led to the development of a policy and culture centred around continually reducing the Company’s environmental impact and contributing to the awareness of sustainability within the community. We do this by implementing the following practices throughout the operation of our business:


Earth Systems is committed to reducing its carbon footprint associated with energy usage by:

  • Purchasing government accredited Green Power from Origin Energy in its Australian offices.
  • Undertaking energy audits of our offices to implement more energy efficient systems.


Earth Systems is committed to reducing its waste generation by:

  • Implementing paper and cardboard recycling.
  • Implementing aluminium, glass and recyclable plastics recycling.
  • Implementing composting for food waste generated in the office.
  • Reusing single sided printed paper where possible.
  • Setting duplex printing as a default for all computers.
  • Recycling all e-waste.


Earth Systems is committed to reducing future waste and environmental impact associated with equipment and supplies procured by:

  • Purchasing 100% post-consumer recycled copy paper.
  • Printing all corporate stationary on recycled materials, preferably through a credentialed environmentally friendly printing company.
  • Purchasing of recycled, recyclable and refillable office supplies and stationary where feasible.


Earth Systems is committed to reducing its carbon footprint associated with travel by:

  • Promoting public transport for commuting through the provision of subsidised annual public transport tickets to staff.
  • Encouraging staff to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions related to commuting to work through a telecommuting program.


Earth Systems is committed to providing support to the local and environment community by:

  • Recognising and encouraging staff volunteering skills and knowledge for contribution to green public good projects.
  • Recognising, encouraging and supporting staff and company engagement in Environment Associations.
  • Providing staff to speak at schools, career development events and industry events to raise awareness of the environment and sustainability.
  • Providing work experience opportunities for environmental students and young professionals.
  • Sponsoring of community and industry environment and sustainability events, including the donation of Earth Systems environment and water map products.
  • Providing significant discounts on Earth Systems environment and water map products to schools.

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