Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation Planning

Climate change and increased intensity of weather events will affect a range of assets and amenities, and impact across all organisational responsibilities. By anticipating potential climate issues and planning accordingly, businesses and governments can actively reduce their vulnerability to climate change. At Earth Systems, we use a risk-based approach to systematically identify and evaluate the potential impacts of climate change. We have experience in applying the most recent climate models and predictions to individual cases to help clients get a better understanding of how climate change is likely to affect their operations. We also have experience in developing strategies, action plans and decision support tools to help organisations adapt to future climate scenarios and reduce identified vulnerabilities.

Services Provided

We provide the following climate change risk assessment and adaptation services:

  • Use the best and latest data and reports to determine likely climate change scenarios for a particular geographic region (e.g. Local Government Municipality).
  • Assessment of vulnerabilities to climate change / areas of concern and development of strategies to reduce vulnerability
  • Undertake spatial and temporal modeling and analysis to map and visualise climate change risks.
    Development of a risk assessment framework with which to undertake a comprehensive review of the possible climate scenario likelihoods and consequences on assets and amenities.

  • Development of decision support tools and frameworks to mainstream climate change adaptation into organisation decision-making processes.
  • Applying environmental management and water / energy / waste efficiency expertise to help companies be proactive about climate change and improve overall environmental performance.
  • Assisting companies to meet internationally recognised criteria and Corporate Social Responsibility standards.
  • Building corporate capacity and institutional strengthening as needed.

In addition to climate change risk assessment, Earth Systems has in-house expertise and project experience in the areas of carbon accounting, emissions trading, and environmental and natural resource management, including:

  • Life-cycle analysis, water and energy efficiency strategies and carbon accounting.
  • Expertise to help companies meet their future emission targets or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements.
  • Expertise on United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) requirements and on Kyoto mechanisms, modalities and procedures.

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