Emissions-Intensive Trade-Exposed (EITE) Assessment

Figure 1 above shows how the EITE scheme works within these frameworks.
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The Commonwealth Government’s Emissions-Intensive and Trade-Exposed (EITE) scheme is designed to compensate industries affected by the incoming carbon price who are unable to pass costs downstream due to international competition.

The scheme involves a rigorous assessment process, focussing on specific eligible activities. Businesses which conduct these activities and demonstrate sufficient trade exposure, may receive compensation for up to 94.5% of their carbon liabilityunder two separate federal government frameworks:

  1. the carbon pricing mechanism, under the Jobs and Competitiveness Program (JCP), and
  2. the renewable energy target (RET).

Emissions intensity assistance thresholds

Different levels of assistance are provided to organisations undertaking approved activities, depending on the emissions to revenue ratio. The assistance thresholds for moderate and high intensive activities are shown in the table below.

Categories of assistance Threshold
Moderately emission-intensive66% assistance For activities with emissions intensity between 1000 tonnes and 1999 tonnes CO2-e/$m revenue or between 3000 tonnes and 5999 tonnes CO2-e/$m value-added (assistance commences at 66 per cent)
Highly emission-intensive94.5% assistance For activities with emissions intensity of at least 2000 tonnes CO2-e/$m revenue or 6000 tonnes CO2-e/$m value-added (assistance commences at 94.5 per cent)

Services provided

Figure 2 above shows these services in the context of the entire EITE application process.
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Earth Systems is an industry leader in EITE activity assessment, auditing, assurance and advice, providing services for all stages of the Assessment process, ensuring the best possible chance of compensation for your business and industry partners. This includes;

  • Preliminary Assessment data collection audits and assurance to determine eligibility
  • Advice and assistance in negotiating an Activity Definition with Government
  • Formal Assessment data collection auditsand assurance to finalise business eligibility and degree of compensation
  • Advice and assistance in selling allocated PECs and Carbon Credits to the carbon market, including identifying potential buyers.


Experience and Expertise

Earth Systems has provided these EITE Assessment and advice services for several industries. This has included greenhouse gas emissions and revenue and production assurance statements for all organisations with the industries.

For more information or to discuss your eligibility for compensation under the EITE scheme, please contact Earth Systems at energy@earthsystems.com.au.

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