Groundwater Assessment and Protection


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Protecting groundwater resources from contamination, and identifying and implementing remediation strategies for polluted aquifers is a foundation of good environmental management. Earth Systems provides specialist expertise in the assessment and management of groundwater-related issues — from identifying and preventing potential groundwater contamination, through to providing real-world solutions for aquifer clean-up.

Services Provided

The service provided by the Earth Systems groundwater team include:

  • Hydrogeology and groundwater flow analysis of aquifer systems
  • Groundwater resource assessment, protection and management
  • Stratigraphic analysis
  • Design and coordination of groundwater exploration programs including piezometer and bore construction for hydrogeological and groundwater quality assessement
  • Benchmark and environmental baseline groundwater characterisation assessments
  • Groundwater management strategies to meet environmental guidelines
  • Risk assessment and development of risk management strategies for the prevention and management of off-site migration of contaminated groundwater
  • Design, implementation and management of comprehensive groundwater remediation and rehabilitation strategies for contaminated groundwater
  • Detailed, site-specific groundwater monitoring and/or groundwater sampling programs to meet regulatory environmental requirements
  • Project management and coordination of multi-disciplinary hydrogeological investigations
  • Conceptual and numerical hydrogeological modelling
  • Groundwater contaminant dispersion modelling


Some of the projects Earth Systems personnel have recently been involved in include:

  • Project management, data collection and design of water quality assessments for salinity programs in a variety of environments.Projects include areas of the Murray Basin and Lower Murray Lakes in southeastern Australia.
  • Characterising groundwater contamination and acid-rock drainage issues on coal and metalliferous mine sites. Current projects in Australia identify hydro-geochemical processes and potential contamination pathways in complex geological systems.
  • Assessment of groundwater contamination in tailing-rich riverbank deposits downstream of a metalliferous mine in Tasmania, Australia.
  • Assessment of potential groundwater contamination at mining sites throughout Australia and internationally.
  • Design of a geochemical investigation program for a contaminated site in Sydney, Australia. Evaluation of the geochemical data permitted the development of a series of potential groundwater remediation strategies.
  • Training of site personnel in groundwater well-installation, monitoring and sampling methods.
  • Pre-development baseline groundwater investigations for numerous mining operations in Australia and Africa.

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