Water Quality Management

Earth Systems specialises in water quality management and treatment, including the provision of water management advice, water treatment equipment and contract treatment services. Our integrated water treatment solutions cover a range of water quality issues at mine, industrial, agricultural and municipal sites.

Earth Systems has a dedicated Water Management Team that has been providing cost-effective and innovative solutions for water quality issues for over 20 years. Our experienced specialists deal with a broad range of water quality problems, from acid sulfate soil drainage, to landfill leachate, stormwater, water storage contamination and minesite acid and metal pollution. Earth Systems specialises in developing effective solutions for complex water quality issues.

Services Provided

  • Evaluation of site water quality issues and development of integrated water management and treatment strategies.
  • Design and construction of site-specific portable and fixed plant water treatment systems based on patented Neutra-Mill technology.
  • Design and implementation of comprehensive water quality management, remediation and rehabilitation strategies for active mines, orphan sites and acid sulfate soil settings.
  • Treatment strategies and advice for process water, storm water, groundwater and wastewater issues.
  • Pit lake water investigations and treatment.
  • Routine and emergency response water and wastewater treatment.
  • One-off and routine contract water treatment services.
  • Rapid and effective total, supplementary and pre-treatment technologies.


Earth Systems personnel have recently been involved in:

  • Concept and detailed design of large capacity, low-density and high-density sludge lime neutralisation plants for multiple clients.
  • Development of a comprehensive surface water and leachate management strategy for a municipal landfill in Tasmanai, Australia.
  • Development of a water management strategy for control of water quality and water supply to achieve ‚Äėzero discharge‚Äô of impacted water for a prospective iron mine in Southeast Australia.
  • Development and implementation of contract water treatment services to neutralise a 2500 ML reservoir of acidic process water at a coal mine in Australia to preserve piping and pumping infrastructure.
  • Design and commissioning of multiple automated water treatment systems for acid neutralisation, metal removal and turbidity control for a multinational company in a remote part of the Peruvian Andes.
  • Development and implementation of a strategy and provision of equipment to lower the manganese content of surface run off water entering the local environment at a South-east Asian gold mine.
  • Design and commissioning of portable water treatment equipment to control acid mine drainage and turbidity issues for several Indonesian Coal Mines.
  • Multiple in situ treatment tasks for mining and manufacturing industries, routine and emergency response.
  • Design and construction of turbidity control system for Newmont, Ghana.
  • Sales of patented treatment equipment to sites in Australia, Indonesia, South Africa, the US and South America.

For more information or to discuss our range of environmental Management and Assessment services please contact Earth Systems at [email protected]

Recent News

Report for The International Network for Acid Prevention

26 May 2020

Earth Systems in collaboration with Okane Consultants, released a report providing new insight into ensuring low polluting mine operations, and more successful mine closure outcomes.

The report reviews conventional mine rock stockpile construction methods, and summarises improved construction technologies that are available to help improve water quality from mine wastes. Continued efforts to implement these technologies will help quantify their environmental and economic benefits.


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