Contract Water Treatment And Monitoring

Earth Systems provides contract water treatment services to assist clients in meeting their water quality objectives. Earth Systems’ expertise in water chemistry and our understanding of water quality issues means that we can evaluate treatment requirements and provide site-specific contract treatment solutions for a wide range of water quality issues.

Services Provided

Earth Systems provides access to the expertise and equipment required to achieve a successful contract water treatment outcome.

    li>Pre-treatment site assessment – characterise water quality, assess relevant treatment options and reagent requirements, develop treatment plan and outline costs and achievable water quality outcomes.
  • Treatment of the affected water body with suitable technologies and experienced professional staff.
  • Post-treatment water quality monitoring and reporting.

Project Experience

  • Contract treatment & monitoring of AMD / ARD affected water bodies at mine sites including tailings storage facilities, process water dams, pit lakes and reservoirs.
  • Contract treatment of turbidity in reservoirs, mine site dams.
  • Contract treatment of acid sulfate soil impacted water bodies.
  • Treatment of algal blooms and associated nutrient pollution.
  • Emergency response treatment of accidental discharges.
  • Acid neutralisation, demineralisation and odour control treatment programs on process water, storage impoundments and landfill leachate ponds.
  • Treatment of process water for re-use / discharge.

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