Portable Treatment Systems

Earth Systems has become expert in the design and implementation of portable in-situ or direct dosing water treatment systems. Based on Earth Systems patented Neutra-Mill technology, treatment is conducted directly into the affected water body (in-situ / direct dosing) avoiding the need for costly pumping and piping infrastructure to transport the polluted water to a treatment plant. Treatment can be conducted from either floating water based or adjacent land-based mixing and dosing systems.

“Taking the treatment to the water, not the water to the treatment.”

rapidTREAT truck mounted reagent mixing and dosing equipment for water treatment.These portable systems provide a number of benefits over existing fixed plants in a wide range of settings including:

  • Treatment across multiple sites
  • Treatment at remote and decommissioned sites with minimal infrastructure
  • Ability to dose across the entire surface of a water body to treat water quality issues such as turbidity
  • Ability to dose a range of dry powdered and liquid reagents to meet changing water quality issues
  • In-situ dosing requires no specialised water storage, specialised pumping & piping infrastructure or sludge handling

These in-situ treatment systems include our:

These systems have been specifically designed to handle a range of water treatment task including:

  • Pit Lakes
  • Stormwater ponds
  • Reservoirs
  • Heap-leach pads
  • Rivers & Lakes
  • Process water ponds
  • Tailings dams
  • Landfill leachate
  • Back-up for fixed plant breakdowns and schedule maintenance

These innovative treatment systems have evolved as a result of our water quality expertise and our ability to identify and design flexible treatment solutions applicable to a wide range of active, decommissioned, limited and remote access sites.

Treatment Systems

Earth Systems provides an innovative range of portable water treatment products and accessories based on our patented Neutra-Mill technology. Our water treatment range includes the following products and accessories.

Neutra-Mill 1015Neutra-Mill 1015/6P

Earth Systems’ water-based mixing and dosing units are suitable for many water treatment applications. These units avoid pumping and piping costs, and despite their size, have large reagent throughputs.  If you are seeking cost effective, flexible, dependable and robust mixing and dosing units, then consider a water-based system employing our patented Neutra-Mill technology.Neutra-Mill rapidTREAT Neutra-Mill rapidTREAT

The rapidTREAT systems are portable, skid mounted units that are sized to permit mounting on a flat-bed truck.  This provides flexibility for treatment locations that are difficult to access, and permits the system to be either used at a fixed location or moved to multiple locations.  With the capability of mixing and dispensing many reagents, they can be used for a range of water treatment applications (eg. pH control, turbidity control, metal reduction, cyanide treatment, nutrient pollution… etc).

Vertical Mixing SystemsVertical Mixing Systems

Earth Systems’ produces a range of vertical mixing tanks for automated dosing of powdered and liquid reagents. These can be configured with a range of options for dosing and monitoring. The system comes in a variety of sizes to suite all applications, large or small.


Case Studies

Earth Systems’ success in resolving water treatment issues with our own patented technology is well evidenced by the following selected case studies.

Toxic Metal Reduction – Australia

An abandoned gold mine with a copper-rich pit lake required rehabilitation. The site was remote and no infrastructure was available. A portable Multi-Purpose Neutra-Mill was transported to the site, using a conventional vehicle and trailer, and the pit lake treated to reduce copper levels. The treated water satisfied requirements for discharge to a nearby creek flowing through a national park. For further information Click Here..

Drinking Water – Australia

A single portable Turbidity Mill is used as a coagulation/flocculation system for the drinking water of five separate towns in central Victoria, Australia. Significant reductions in capital requirements and operating costs were achieved. The portability of the system also provides managers of the water supply assets with much greater flexibility in their operations. For further information Click Here..

Treatment for Water Re-use – Indonesia

Acidic stormwater collection ponds at a coal loading facility in Indonesia are treated with a Multi-Purpose Neutra-Mill to correct pH. The treated water is re-used for dust suppression within the loading facility, reducing the need for additional clean water to be brought on to site. For further information Click Here..

Wastewater/Odour Control – Australia

Acidic leachate from a landfill was emitting offensive and toxic hydrogen sulphide odours and attracting complaints from residents and the attention of the local environmental protection authority. The water was treated using a portable Multi-Purpose Neutra-Mill to raise the pH to 10.5 within 48 hours. Suspended solids, including bacteria were settled within the impoundments and the treated water was suitable for re-use at a nearby sand mine. For further information Click Here..

Stormwater Turbidity – Indonesia

A portable Turbidity Mill is used at a large coal mine in the tropics to reduce the turbidity in collected stormwater. Following treatment the stormwater is either discharged offsite or reused onsite. The unit is easily transported between the various water bodies requiring treatment. Treatment is conducted using alum (aluminium sulphate hydrate) and hydrated lime. For further information Click Here..

Reduction in Treatment Costs – USA

The tailings pond at a heap leach gold mine in the US was undergoing regular pH adjustment using liquid sodium hydroxide. A trial at the site demonstrated potential annual reagent cost savings of US$400,000 if the existing sodium hydroxide system was replaced by a portable Multi-Purpose Neutra-Mill dispensing hydrated lime. For further information Click Here..

Reduced Infrastructure Requirements – Australia

A base metal mine on ‘care and maintenance’ needed to raise the pH of a 180 million litre tailings dam. A portable Multi-Purpose Neutra-Mill was placed directly in the tailings dam and dispensed 180 tonnes of hydrated lime to raise the pH from 2.8 to 8.0. Treatment was conducted by the 2 site staff in conjunction with their daily care and maintenance tasks. For further information Click Here..

Recent News

Report for The International Network for Acid Prevention

26 May 2020

Earth Systems in collaboration with Okane Consultants, released a report providing new insight into ensuring low polluting mine operations, and more successful mine closure outcomes.

The report reviews conventional mine rock stockpile construction methods, and summarises improved construction technologies that are available to help improve water quality from mine wastes. Continued efforts to implement these technologies will help quantify their environmental and economic benefits.


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