Acid & Metalliferous Drainage Tools

Earth Systems has developed a number of ‘in-house’ tools to assist with the management of AMD.

Software for automated Acid & Metalliferous Drainage Assessment and Classification (AMDact)

AMDact stands for AMD Assessment and Classification Tool. Earth System first used this tool over 15 years ago. It is regularly updated and the current version encapsulates more than 25 years experience in the Characterisation and Classification of geological materials for AMD/ARD risk.

The tool produces rapid, standardised, conservative and non-biased risk assessments and materials Classifications. It deals with the significant geochemical complexity that arises from the characterisation and assessment of AMD, ARD, NMD and ML / ARD.

AMDact uses total and chromium reducible sulfur along with one or more of the static geochemical parameters listed below to assess the AMD risk of geological materials.

  • Net Acid Producing Potential (NAPP),
  • Acid Neutralising Capacity (ANC),
  • NAG pH,
  • NAG 4.5,
  • NAG 7.0.

In addition to these parameters AMDact can use the results of a range of acidity, sulfur and carbon test work procedures to calculate the relative proportions of acid and non-acid storing sulfate species, and provide an independent check on measured acid neutralising capacity.

AMDact is currently being used by Earth Systems to provide industry clients with information for;

  • Regulatory approval
  • Mine planning
  • Waste scheduling
  • Closure planning

Visit for additional information on how AMDact can assist your site’s reporting, planning and management of AMD/ARD/NMD/ML issues.


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